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    Abbey Henderson

    Abbey Henderson, CFP® RLP®

    President, Founder and Coach


    "I want to help my clients live their best lives. To figure out what lights them up, how they will feel most fulfilled, and leave a legacy they are proud of. Matching resources to dreams is my specialty."




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    Elaine Bonoma

    Elaine Bonoma, CFP® RLP®

    Vice President


    "Financial planning is foward looking. We begin by exploring your goals - your hopes and dreams for the future, what brings
    meaning to your life. We then explore how to use your financial resources to
    achieve your goals and dreams."


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    Janet Friedman

    Janet Friedman, CFP®, CDFA®

    Financial Advisor


    "Because financial planning and investment management are dynamic processes, I help clients understand their resources and how they can be applied - to what matters most to them throughout their lives. This approach incorporates the client's values, goals, lifestyle, major life events and life cycle needs throughout the planning process and across their investment horizons."


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    Jack Flynn

    Jack Flynn, CFP®

    Financial Advisor


    "My mission as a Certified Financial Planner™ professional is to help individuals and families achieve their financial and life goals and enhance financial peace of mind by delivering personal comprehensive financial planning and investment management."




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    Abaris Financial Group LLC

    Damonmill Square

    9 Pond Lane, Suite #1F

    Concord, MA 01742

    (978) 371-9649


    **Our Entrance is Outside of the Main Building On Your Right**


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    Some navigation systems recognize 9 Pond Lane and others recognize 9 Damonmill Square


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