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    Traditional Financial Planning

    The foundation of all planning...


    Step 1: Discovery


    This initial stage of the financial planning process involves discovering your goals as well as reviewing your current financial situation. Common goals include buying a house, educating your children and saving for retirement. We gather your data through questionnaires, reviewing your financial documents and statements, discussions with your other advisors and our conversations with you.


    Step: 2 Data Analysis


    We will develop your customized financial plan based on our analysis of your assets, liabilities, your existing insurance and estate planning documents, all within the context of your individual goals and vision for the future. With this information we will look for ways to improve your current position and achieve your dreams.


    Depending on your individual situation, your financial plan may include recommendations for investments, insurance needs, estate planning, education funding, retirement planning, stock option strategies, and tax planning among other areas.


    While we may make specific product recommendations, we never earn any compensation from the sale of these products. We have been and always will be solely compensated by you, our client. We feel that this is critical to maintain our objectivity.


    Step 3: Presentation


    Once we have completed our analysis, we will schedule a meeting to present our recommendations to you. During this meeting, we will review the plan in detail and answer any questions or concerns you have regarding the plan.


    Often, after discussing our recommended financial planning strategies with you at length, we will need to refine the plan with your feedback. We then follow-up with a personalized action plan.


    Step 4: Implementation and Monitoring


    We support you in the implementation of your plan. This may include referrals to insurance professionals, tax specialists and attorneys or working with your existing advisors.


    Financial planning is a very fluid process. It is important to monitor your plan on a regular basis as your goals and risk tolerance may evolve and both market conditions and tax/estate laws often change.


    Our recommendation is that you reassess your plan with us at least annually.

    Financial Life Planning

    Financial planning plus...


    Financial life planning takes an even more holistic approach to the traditional process. We expand our conversation on goals to encompass your vision for the future and your values, explore what will make you feel fulfilled, and look at how you can best live out your life purpose. Life planning looks at all of your resources, not only the external such as time and money, but also at your internal resources. With that knowledge, we can fine tune your financial plan to an even greater degree and assist you with a roadmap to achieve your dreams and provide the coaching to bring it to fruition.

    For a deeper dive into financial life planning and coaching....

    An exceptional life starts with an exceptional plan. Create a financial life plan for yourself, through intense discovery and skill building achieved through one-on-one sessions, access to group workshops, and a private network of like-minded individuals. Learn more here.


    Implementing the plan...

    If you choose, Abaris Financial Group can implement the investment portion of your financial plan for you. We use low-cost, no-load mutual funds and exchange-traded funds along with separate account managers where appropriate. We will provide on-going fund selection, asset allocation, management, re-balancing and tax loss selling.

    Evolve Digital Planning

    For those who want a primarily digital experience....

    This program is for friends and family members of existing Abaris Financial Group clients who are just starting out on their financial paths and are looking for ease, convenience, and expertise.

    Group learning opportunites for our community

    We offer a variety of workshops and retreats throughout the year. Previous topics have included couples communication, mindfulness & money, college funding, and elder care.

    Personalized support...

    Get the accountability and support you need to take positive action and make your dream a reality. This coaching program covers all topics, not just money, as we find that there is little delineation between one's money and the rest of one's life. We have worked with clients on relationship building, career transitions, communication and career changes among many other topics. This program is limited to a handful of clients and is available in 6-month packages either in-person, by phone, or video conferencing.

    Transition Planning & Support

    Specialized expertise...

    There are many transitions in life for which some extra, specialized support can be helpful. These can include career changes, the birth or death of family members, divorce, and financial windfalls just to name a few.


    With our background in life planning and coaching, Abaris Financial Group is well positioned to fully support you during these times of change. In addition, Abaris has a specialist in college funding and divorce analysis and this specialized expertise can be combined with all of our all services above.

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