Abaris Financial Group Charitable Board

Abaris Financial Group’s Charitable Board: Who We Support and Why?

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By Abbey L. Henderson, CFP®, RLP®, CPCC®

Here at Abaris Financial Group, supporting our local community is one of our core values. We find that it draws our team closer together as it gets us talking about things that are important to us. We discover each other’s core values and what we want to do to make a difference, whether it’s volunteering our time or our money.

That’s why our staff, friends and clients come together a couple of times a year to be part of the AFG Charitable Fund. We donate a total of $10,000 each year to local non-profits that fit our mission: to empower children and families; to improve the welfare of military veterans and first responders; and to promote the conservation of our environment.

This year’s charitable fund board decided to support three local non-profits. We found that each of these organizations support a worthwhile cause with a singular mission.

Dress for Success

Dress for Success works tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of women who are working toward economic independence. They give women business-appropriate clothing and coach them to prepare for upcoming interviews. Dress for Success has found that clothing and presentation are important when women try to enter the workforce. However, once they make that leap, there is still much more to learn, which is why Dress for Success continues to support women once they have gained employment.

Jeff’s Place

Their vision: that no child has to grieve alone. Their mission: to facilitate the healthy integration of loss for children, teens and their families by helping them feel connected with each other and less alone in their grief journey. The program began in 2010 with nine children from six families. They now have over 50 families attending ongoing support groups, and they also help many bereaved youths through crisis response and educational forums.

MetroWest Free Medical Program

At MetroWest Free Medical, volunteer physicians, nurses, social workers and others dedicate their time to provide free health care services for those in the community who have nowhere else to turn. This year, their team will provide care through 84 evening clinic sessions and more than 2,000 patient encounters.

These organizations clearly match up with our mission, and now all three are part of our legacy of giving.

Have you ever considered creating your own philanthropy board or one with your family? It’s important that you work with a financial advisor who also shares your values. If you want to learn more about our charitable board, or if you’d like to work with a firm that values community and philanthropy, contact us.

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