Elaine Bonoma


Wealth Advisor


978-371-9649 x12

“Financial planning is forward looking. We begin by exploring your goals – your hopes and dreams for the future, what brings meaning to your life. We then explore how to use your financial resources to pursue your goals and dreams.”

My life changed abruptly one day in my mid-40’s when my husband died of a heart attack. Suddenly I was faced with making every decision, large and small, by myself as well as being a single parent.

At the time I had just finished my first semester in the financial planning program at Boston University. I loved being a student again! I knew I would enjoy helping people make sense of their financial circumstances and help them plan for a future that was meaningful to them.

I was fortunate to work for a financial planning firm that hired thirteen people that were new to the field, most of them were making mid-life career changes, all of them were eager to learn from the seasoned planners at the firm and from each other. We shared life experiences that helped us become better planners.

My good fortune has continued in the years I have been with Abaris Financial Group where the focus is always on doing what is best for our clients. It is a privilege to work with our clients, understand their hopes and dreams, and help them use their financial resources to achieve those dreams.


Passions: family, friends, cooking, walks on the beach

Favorite food: pumpkin pie – especially for breakfast

If you could meet anyone, past or present, it would be: Barbara Bush

Favorite movie: Shawshank Redemption – great character study

Favorite TV show: Grace and Frankie – good laughs

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving

Place you would most like to visit: Grand Canyon

Biggest accomplishment: raising 4 wonderful sons