Jack Flynn


Wealth Advisor


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“My mission as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional is to help individuals and families achieve their financial and life goals and enhance financial peace of mind by delivering personal comprehensive financial planning and investment management.”

How did counseling runaway children or teaching math to middle and high schoolers help prepare me for a career in financial planning?  I worked in these roles early in my career and they helped me learn to listen closely to the needs of a runaway kid and parents, place their interests and student needs above all else, and provide information and guidance at a level that could be easily understood and enacted.  So you can see from my background that I come at financial planning from a bit of a different perspective, one that is focused not on sales but on providing a service focused on the individual and the family.

My dad was like many men of his generation, the sole earner and provider and in charge of the family finances.  When he died of cancer at 65 my mother was left with little understanding of their finances, was unsure of her financial well-being, and not very clear on how to proceed.  She had all the necessary skills, raising seven children and providing for all of their needs on a tight budget.   So I gladly took up the task of reviewing all of the necessary paperwork, helping her understand her financial situation, and guiding her through financial decisions.  I loved helping her through this process, and as she gained more and more confidence and reassurance she began to eagerly give my name to some of her recently widowed friends.  I enjoyed helping these folks as well, so much that it instilled in me a desire to change careers and return to school and pursue financial planning as a career.

While raising teenagers I changed my career for the last time and completed the Financial Planning Program at Boston University Metropolitan College and became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®.  I worked in a couple of small financial planning firms building my practice before joining Abaris Financial Group over 8 years ago.  From the beginning it was clear to me that I bring the same personal values of honesty and integrity to my role in this profession.  I approach financial planning like the many half marathons that I’ve run, clarifying goals, gathering information, developing a strategy and plan, and working diligently and reevaluating often to make sure I was on track to reach these personal goals. My passion is to help my clients better understand their financial matters and concerns and guide them in making decisions that fit with their values and goals so that they can sleep well at night and focus on what is really important and brings joy in their lives.


Favorite food:  Brussel Sprouts and Cheesecake
If you could meet anyone, past or present, it would be:  Thich Nhat Hanh
Hidden talent:  West Coast Swing Dance
Favorite movie:  The Shape of Water
Favorite holiday:    Halloween
Place you’d most like to visit:  India
Biggest accomplishment:  Raising two remarkable kids.