Abaris Mission and Values

Our mission is to exponentially impact our world for the better by empowering individuals and families to discover their full potential and by promoting the stewardship of our planet.

We fulfill our mission by embracing our core values:


  • We encourage those around us to be their authentic
  • We are compassionate and empathetic; We listen deeply without judgement or agenda.
  • We express love and gratitude – for each other, our clients and our community


  • We love to discover and celebrate each client’s unique life purpose, vision and dreams – and develop a roadmap to work towards them.
  • We approach every situation with an open mind and look to find innovative and creative solutions for every challenge.
  • We foster a culture of continuous learning and growth by promoting educational opportunities for clients and staff.


  • We believe in co-creating our client experiences and our client plans – within Abaris, with our clients and with other key members of our clients’ teams.
  • We honor our differences and seek to include and value all experiences, perspectives and backgrounds.


  • We advocate for a spirit of philanthropy through our charitable board and client education events.
  • We support our clients in developing their own philanthropic initiatives.
  • We actively engage with our community through volunteer
  • We protect our planet through conservation


  • We are committed to acting in integrity with our values
  • We are committed to excellence
  • We are committed to being there for each other
  • We are committed to doing what is best for our clients
  • We are committed to doing good in the world
  • We are committed to balancing purpose and profit