I learned two important lessons about finances while I was growing up. The first was to feel comfortable discussing money. Money was never a taboo topic at our dinner table. My parent’s view was that they worked hard to earn their salaries so we could have conversations about how it was spent. Every big or small purchase was discussed. These conversations helped me feel comfortable around the value of money and in prioritizing our goals and understanding the value of material items and experiences.

The second lesson was as a teenager, and I started my first job cleaning cages for a local animal hospital. My father helped me open a ROTH IRA to save a percentage of my earnings. Looking back this was best gift he gave me because slowly I have watched that account grow, and it has become a reminder of the power of compounding. It was an interesting choice to open a retirement account rather than a savings account, however a smart choice since I never considered raiding the balance through my college years.

After graduating from the University of Florida and working in a fast-paced job on a trading floor I took time off to be home with my two girls under two but found myself wanting to be back in the world of finance. Sitting with a friend over coffee talking about relationships and money, the full-time doctor and mother across from me revealed how uncomfortable she was being involved in their families’ finances. Together we talked through her fears, created a budget and planned through some long-term strategies. It was a light-bulb moment for me; this was what I was passionate about. I wanted to use my personal experiences, education and skills to help people.

As fate would have it, I met Abbey Henderson and learned of the unique approach Abaris Financial Group had towards helping clients not only with their financial goals but also their life goals. I happily joined the group in 2017 with Abbey as my guide and mentor and began obtaining my CFP designation through Boston University while working at Abaris Financial Group. Here at Abaris I found my true career passion with wonderful clients and co-workers. My goal is to help empower Abaris clients on their own financial life journey and I appreciate that I am invited to be a part of that journey!