Five Lever Friday | Vol. 18

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Authentic Wealth is bigger than just financial accumulation – it recognizes the interconnectedness of all aspects of life. It is created when your resources (the 5 levers – Finances, Mindset, Relationships, Health and Time) are aligned with your values, your vision and are ultimately used to achieve the impact you want to have on yourself, your family, your community and the world.


Check out the podcast “Facts vs Feelings” with Carson Group’s Chief Market Strategist Ryan Detrick and VP, Global Macro Strategist Sonu Varghese: click here


Check out our latest Wealth Beyond Riches podcast episode on the Neuroscience of Change. My guest, Ursula Pottinga, discusses:

  • Her personal journey to becoming a coach and the connection between neuroscience and coaching
  • The factors of neuroplasticity
  • How neural pathways in the brain are constructed and wired through repetitive thoughts and actions
  • The importance of personal relevance in making change stick
  • The importance of individual differentiation and openness in a couple
  • The impact of effective and ineffective states
  • Tips for making change easier
  • The importance of support and relationships in making changes

Link here (33 minutes)


I was so inspired by one of Peter Attia’s recent podcast guests – Walter Green. He has taken many opportunities during his lifetime to deepen his relationships by “eulogizing the living”.  The first event was his 50th birthday when he took a moment at his celebration to tell each person at the table what he or she meant to him. He then went on to spend his 70th birthday year visiting with the 44 people who had the greatest impact on his life and acknowledging them for that impact. And now he is the founder of “Say It Now” – “a movement to change how and when we express gratitude for the people who have meant so much”.

Walter’s Ted Talk (10 minutes): link here

The Drive Podcast with Walter (100 minutes): link here

Say It Now Website: link here


Hopefully you are not one of the many people that has lingering symptoms from COVID. But for those who do, it can seem like a vicious cycle – being too tired to exercise even though it should help with recovery… which then creates a further loss of fitness and additional lack of motivation to exercise. There’s a new study that may shed light on the muscle damage from long COVID – and it points to potentially needing a more gentle rehab program.

NPR Article: Link here


There was some great wisdom around time management in Peter Attia’s podcast with Walter Green (see Mindset section above). Walter says that when making decisions about how to spend his time, he thinks in reverse. He asks himself “what would have happened by the end of doing _____, to know that the time was well spent?”  He then thinks about the probability of that outcome and decides whether to take the action.

I thought that was such an interesting perspective that I am going to play with going forward.

See the podcast link above to hear more.

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