Five Lever Friday | Vol. 16

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Authentic Wealth is bigger than just financial accumulation – it recognizes the interconnectedness of all aspects of life. It is created when your resources (the 5 levers – Finances, Mindset, Relationships, Health and Time) are aligned with your values, your vision and are ultimately used to achieve the impact you want to have on yourself, your family, your community and the world.


The Education Department has rolled out a variety of changes to the financial aid process. Unfortunately, the rollout has not gone smoothly and it has put institutions, families and students in a situation where everyone is playing catch-up.

To learn more about the changes, check out this blog on our website


The Abaris Five Lever Book Club is reading Arthur Brook’s From Strength to Strength: Finding Success, Happiness & Deep Purpose in the Second Half of Life. One of his key concepts is that our natural strengths shift from “fluid intelligence” to “crystallized intelligence” over time and that we should look to shift our mindset, expectations and purpose to match.

To learn more, watch the author talk about his book here.

Learn more about the Abaris 5 Lever Book Club and let us know if you want to join in!


Our episode this week on the Wealth Beyond Riches podcast talks about effective strategies for budgeting as a couple. It’s an important topic because decision-making around money is one of the top stressors in relationships. Check out the episode here.


A recent study has shown that aromatherapy may improve learning and memory. Specifically, being regularly exposed at night to a rotation of different scents increased recall by 226% and improved functioning of brain pathways associated with learning and memory. And while the study had some weaknesses, using a diffuser at night could be an easy way to help maintain brain function.

Read more here plus the original study here.

Listen here


You probably instinctually know that you are better at doing analytical tasks during a certain part of the day. But perhaps you don’t realize that is a result of your chronotype – or your personal circadian rhythm. Daniel Pink, the author of When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing categorizes people into three types – a lark, an owl, or a “third bird”. I suspect I am somewhere between a lark and a third bird…

Here’s an article if you want learn what you might be and when you should do certain tasks…

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