How to Live a Fulfilling Life – Your Financial Plan Can Help

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By Abbey L. Henderson, CFP®, RLP®, CPCC®

It’s no secret that I think your life vision should be the core of your financial plan. A powerful life vision in conjunction with a well-thought-out financial plan can give you both the why and the how to live a fulfilling life.

Yet I see so many people have never connected the two. They may have a passionate life vision, but they’ve never thought of how this should impact their financial plan. Or they may have a solid, if uninspiring financial plan, but they’ve haven’t considered what their vision for the future looks like.

But with my clients who take the time to combine the why (life vision) with the how (financial plan) I see how they are living a fulfilling life because…

They are passionately productive:

The passion that you feel for your life vision is what motivates you to action. It’s what gets you up in the morning. When you start with your end goal in mind you’re much more productive.

They believe in themselves:

Once you decide that your life vision is achievable, you begin to trust in your ability to succeed. You can regularly zoom-out, and redefine success for yourself. You can identify false self-beliefs that are holding you back by thinking about all that you’ve overcome so far.

They are purposeful:

This approach allows you to start with the big picture and then move in on the specific. Your life vision gives you an overall picture of where you want to go, but you still don’t have the steps on how to get there. Use your financial plan to plan and rank the steps that you need to take so you can reach your destination faster.

They don’t get sidetracked:

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the reason you’re fighting when you’re in the trenches, so you end up getting distracted. This is when you stick to your financial plan and remind yourself of the passion that you have for your life vision. It can re-energize you and prevent burnout.

They know which sacrifices to make:

A fulfilling life requires trade-offs. There is usually a price to be paid when it comes to achieving your life vision. But the good news is, with thoughtful financial planning you know which sacrifices to make. And you’re prepared to pay the price because you know the reward at the end will be so worth it!

When it comes to how to live a fulfilling life, it’s really about making choices every day that fully represent you, rather than continuing to drift along on autopilot. Combining your financial plan with your life vision can help you get started on a more fulfilling path.

Do you need help creating a financial plan that complements your life vision? Click here to explore your financial life planning options. Or feel free to schedule a complimentary Financial Life Plan Discovery Session with me to learn how to make your vision a reality.

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